What are Google robots used for?

Mastering the functioning and roles of Google robots is necessary for good natural referencing. So, what is the importance of Google robots? What is their use in natural referencing? This article answers all these questions.

Exploring the Web in search of new information

The Googlebot is the crawling robot used by Google in the performance of its "crawl" work, which means "to crawl". In effect, Google bots crawl and download data and information from every website. To do this, they move from page to page and from link to link.

As a result, Google bots determine which site is being visited and list each new domain to be indexed in the search engines. To do this, they perform link and site updates to Google images and URLs .

Easy indexing for content visibility

By indexing the search engine "Google" which is a directory of many websites, Google robots make new content visible. This allows Internet users or Google users to easily access new information published from the search results.

These robots also analyse and process the information collected in order to direct users to sites. This is done while taking into account the queries of each Internet user and the information on the sites and the relevance of their content. This is the "ranking". During this process, certain criteria are taken into account, such as keywords, the quality of traffic and the relevance of the site's pages. These elements optimise the positioning of the pages.

Thus, thanks to the Google robots, the Google search engine proceeds to a renewal of information.

Archive new pages for SEO

After crawling and finding new content on websites or pages, Google bots archive it. Thus, the information archived within the SEO index optimises the positioning of sites in the results provided to Internet users. This allows websites to have a better visibility.

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