Criteria for choosing a robot vacuum cleaner

A robot hoover is a device that automatically vacuums up both dust and debris. It therefore facilitates the cleaning of the house. However, how to choose the right robot hoover? Discover all the criteria for a better choice in this article.

Dimensions and autonomy capacity

The dimensions are one of the important criteria for choosing your hoover. Indeed, it is the size of the latter that determines the efficiency of cleaning. For a good cleaning, it is essential that your robot hoover passes between the various obstacles and under the furniture. Therefore, a robot hoover with a diameter and height that are easy to handle would be best.

In addition, it is necessary to check the charging time for a better choice of robot hoover. Since this device works only on battery, then it is cordless. Thus, the battery life remains a non-negligible criterion to be taken into account.

His brush type and cleaning mode

The robot hoover has a brush bar that lifts the dirt from the surface before vacuuming it up. Therefore, the type of brushes determines the cleaning capacity of each robot hoover. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the hoover is equipped with the right type of brush and especially with at least two brushes.

In addition, the technology of a robot hoover allows it to be programmed. This is the automatic mode, which offers the possibility to have it move automatically in a programmed space. And this until its battery is drained. This cleaning mode is especially ideal when it comes to a particular area of choice. This programming can be done by remote control, by phone application or manually. However, remote control operation allows the device to be directed remotely while sitting comfortably.

The power consumption of the robot vacuum cleaner

Whether charging or on standby, it is essential to check the power consumption of a robot hoover. Indeed, checking the consumption allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises because the hoovers do not have an energy label. However, there is a clear difference between the arguments put forward by manufacturers and the reality. Hence the need to check this point before buying.