What are the essential tools for opening a car garage?

Owning a car garage is the dream of every mechanic with practical training. However, it is important to investigate what equipment is needed to do the job properly before you start. If you want to open a garage, here are some of the tools you need.

Basic manual equipment

While we are witnessing the refinement of auto garage instruments today, however, no invention can substitute for manual equipment. It is a set of elements including basic tools such as screwdrivers, sockets, tape measure, combination wrenches and pliers. In addition, there are other tools such as cutting pliers, vice pliers, wire strippers, hammers, knobs and mallets. Depending on each of their uses, they may or may not fit with other modern tools often electric.

Electric equipment

Apart from manual equipment, electric tools have become indispensable in a car garage. Their function is to perform troubleshooting that was once impossible or perilous to do manually. As power tools, you will need a cordless electric drill preferably to perform multiple tasks. Drilling holes, polishing, screwing, it has an interesting repertoire of applications. However, you will also need to operate a strobe light for ignition timing.

The lift for repairs

Without a lift, there is no repair or installation of a new internal component in a motor car. They are indispensable technical tools for performing more or less complex tasks such as arm changes or transmission. Even for simple oil changes or coolant replacement, its intervention is necessary. It must be said that the lift is useful to gain floor space as well as comfort.

The air compressor

The air compressor is a versatile piece of equipment in a car garage workshop. It is used for painting, inflating tyres or cleaning the bodywork. At certain times, its intervention becomes essential to simplify repair operations and optimize its performance. The air compressor is used to supply compressed air.